12/7, University of Arizona, Fred Fox School of Music, Regional Excerpts Workshop: 1017 N. Olive Rd. (Park on Speedway/Park, NE side, then take the underpass (go south) to the School of Music. Students Signed up are: Willow, Danielle F. Spencer, Josephine, Fiona(?), Josephine, Lexi, and Aiden.

Park at Garage, NE Corner of Speedway and Park. (Need to pay for the garage, FYI) Bring your wire music stand if you have it. 

12/9, Jim Click’s Holiday Party at Reid Zoo. Most of the Symphonic Orchestra members are to perform. 1:15pm Call, 2pm – 4pm performance. Dress: Nice Clothes.

Violins: Kai Skaggs, Danielle Fung, Gillian Gessner, Behina Abbasi ,Willow Yong, Kirstyn Thwaits, Alexander Merritt, Britney Knox, Chase Hammett

Viola: Alexia Vance, Mario Silva, Brenna Sportsman, Daniel Sullivan

Cello: Tania Carvajal , Peter Lynch Fiona Merritt

Bass: Patrick Gonzales

12/10, 4pm – 5pm, Stage: Christmas Eve, Polar Express, American Landscape

12/12, 3:30pm – 4pm, Stage: American Landscape, Christmas Eve, Polar Express

4:15pm – Elementary School Kids Arrive, Rehearse from 4:30pm -5:15pm, Rehearsal on Stage, leave instruments on stage Elementary School Students to unpack instruments in the Band Room. Eat dinner from 5:15pm -5:45pm. Be on stage by 5:50pm, ready to play.

5pm – Middle and HS Students Arrives.  Middle School Students to Band Room, HS Students to Orchestra Room.  Food will be available in the Orchestra Room.  (Students will take food and eat in the room where they unpack.12/12, 6pm Call/Concert Starts.

6pm – Elem.

6:20pm – Middle School

6:40pm – HS Orchestra

7pm – Full Orchestra

American Landscape

Christmas Eve

Polar Express

Dress: All Black



CDO Handbook 2018-2019

Orchestra Contract

Orchestra Officers 2018-2019

President: Tania Carvajal

Vice President: Danielle Fung

Secretary: Alice Cook

Treasurer: Kirstyn Thwaits