CDO Handbook 2019-2020

Orchestra Gigs: Gig clothes will be nice and colorful.

12/15 (Sun) Zoo performance 6pm – 8pm.  (Be there by 5:15pm at Gate 7): Danielle, Willow,  Miki, Emma, Ruby,  Zander, Janetta, Mario, McKenna, Fiona,Morgan, Brenna, Aiden.  (8 Music Stands, 3 Armless chairs(Chairs provided by the Zoo), Violins and Violas will stand. Performers and Chaperons will be admitted through Gate 7 at 5:30pm, no Tickets necessary.  (Non-performers and non-chaperons will need to purchase tickets, you have to request to have them by wed. 12/11 to Mr. Tagawa, $5 per person)













ABODA Festival 9/27 Info.

Wear CDO Orchestra T-shirts for the day.  Bring your concert clothes with you. Men: Nice Black Shirt, Pants, Black Socks, Black Shoes, Women: Concert Uniform, Black Socks, Close Toe Black Shoes.

  • 8:30am/8:45am Start loading bus
  • 9:00am Depart CDO
  • 11:00am Arrive Chic Fil A – lunch
  • 11:45am Load bus and depart for Highland High School
  • 12:15pm Arrive Highland High School
  • 12:30pm Begin watching performances
  • 2:00pm Warm up
  • 2:30pm Perform
  • 3:00pm Clinic
  • 4:00pm Watch more performances
  • In between Chaperon to take the bus to pick up Panda Express                                        for dinner
  • 5:00pm Performances end
  • 5:15pm Load bus and distribute Panda Express – dinner to                                          kids
  • 5:30pm Depart Highland High School
  • Estimated Arrival at CDO, 7:30pm.


LUNCH: Chic Fil A combo meal provided by Boosters

DINNER: Panda Express 1 item bowl provided by Boosters

Snacks, water, and capri suns will be available on bus


Highlands High School 4301 E Guadalupe Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85234

Chaperons: Greg and Venus Knox



CDO Handbook 2019-2020

Orchestra Contract

Orchestra Officers 2019-2020

President: Danielle Fung

Vice President: Behina Abbasi

Secretary: Morgan Valencia

Treasurer: Brenna Sportsman