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Cross Middle School

Orchestra Handbook

2018 – 2019

Orchestra Director: Mr. Toru Tagawa

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the new school year. I am looking forward to working with all of you and making great music. At Cross Middle School, we have two orchestras, Intermediate Orchestra and Advanced Orchestra.  The Intermediate Orchestra is open to beginning to intermediate level students, and the Advanced Orchestra is for advanced students.  In both orchestras, we will cover a variety of literature from J.S. Bach to music of today.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Toru Tagawa, 520-696-5797

Orchestra Teacher, Cross Middle School

E-mail address:, website:


Important Dates

October 3 (Wed) Fall Concert at 6:30pm, CDO Auditorium, 5pm Call

December 12 (Wed) CDO Feeder Concert at 6pm, CDO Auditorium, 5pm Call

February 9 (Sat)  AMEA Honors Orchestra, CDO Auditorium (selected participants only)

March 11 (Mon) Spring Concert at 6:30pm, CDO Auditorium,5pm Call

March 27 (Fri) ABODA Festival, Amphi High School

May 14 (Tue) Final Concert at 6:30pm, CDO Auditorium,5pm Call


Concert Attire for Performances

Men: Long Sleeve White or Black Dress shirts, black pants, black socks and black dress shoes.

Women: Floor-length black dress (short or long sleeve only), or long sleeve white shirts and black pants or floor-length skirt. Black closed toe shoes and black nylons or socks.  No jewelry or accessories are allowed.

Class Policies

– Students are expected to create a positive learning environment for you and your colleagues.  Please be considerate of others, and show respect to everyone.  This applies as soon as you enter the Orchestra room.

– Students should own their own instruments in good condition, and bring them to school on orchestra days (cellos and basses are exempt from bringing them to school).

– Students must have necessary accessories such as pencils, rosin, shoulder rest, spare strings, cleaning cloths, endpin holder, mute, etc.

– No food or drink are allowed in the classroom.  Water is allowed.

– Students are to follow the CDO code of conduct.  Example, cell phones must be turned off during the class time, appropriate attire, etc.

– Fingernails must be kept short in order to play the instrument.

– Classroom music must stay in the classroom.  In the case of missing or music in poor condition, students are responsible for the replacement cost.  Students are only allowed to mark in pencil.

– No large jewelry, No perfume or cologne.

– As soon as you are ready, you are to warm up (Scales, Excerpts)


Students grades will be determined by the following requirements:

Daily participation: 60% (You will receive 2 points per class, tardy is -1 point. You must participate in class in order to receive points)

Playing quizzes/Final: 20%

Concert Performances: 20%

Turning in Forms and Payments: You are expected to turn in forms and payments ontime.

Grading Scale:

A        90% – 100%

B    80% – 89%

C    70% – 79%

D    60% – 69%

F    59% and below


Students must perform at all concerts and festivals. Only illness, family illness, death, or religious holidays will be considered excused absences for a performance.  Work is not an excused absence.  Written permission from a parent or a doctor is required.

The orchestra director reserves the right to modify the handbook during the year.  This will be done in a timely manner so students will be aware of the modification(s).